Finding jeans that fit me, is probably the toughest part of getting ready and putting an outfit together during my pregnancy. I probably bought about 6 pairs so far not knowing what size I was and just guessing and ended up returning all of them. Pre pregnancy I wore a 24 or 25. I guess nothing changed but my growing belly because when I finally went to A Pea in the Pod, I'm still a 24-25 in pregnancy jeans as well. I have tried Asos and their maternity line but had to return all of the ones that I've bought. The only brand I've had luck with is Luxe Essentials and Articles of Society. Those brand fit me pretty well. I am a little over 23 weeks right now, and baby girl will probably grow a whole lot more. I haven't really bought any pregnancy tops as the clothes I wore pre pregnancy were pretty loose. I'm not a big fan of wearing my tops fitted.

So my advice for those newly preggos, just stick to your normal size whenever you decide to buy maternity jeans! 😊 Don't spend a lot of money on them either because you won't really wear them a lot. My pregnancy is flying by!!

I have a really big sweet tooth before I got pregnant and I think it's safe to say that my pregnancy had just enticed that even more. I'm really thankful that we live in downtown Chicago and that Sprinkles and Molly's Cupcakes are right around the corner. Wynne and I love really love Molly's Cupcakes! We love how we can just walk over and try all their flavors. All are good btw. If you're ever in the area, make sure you stop by!!

My shoes are super duper comfortable. They're from Steve Madden. They're so comfortable that I got them in two colors. It's hard to find shoes to walk around in all day, especially living in the city. It requires a ton of walking. My jeans, bag, and vest are now on sale! If you haven't already checked out Alex and Ani's collaboration with Harry Potter, grab a piece before it's gone. The sales lady told us that it was only around for the holidays. I've been wearing my necklace and bracelet everyday. If you know me, you know I'm obsessed with Harry Potter. My bachelorette party was HP themed and spent at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando. 😆


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