I couldn't wait to tell my husband my biggest news. Telling him was the easy part, keeping it a secret was the hardest. Even though I had mentioned it almost daily before Father's day weekend, he didn't have the slightest idea that I was being for real. I had saved all of the pregnancy tests I'd taken, just because I knew he wouldn't believe me if I just told him. I had one week to figure out how to do it.

I was in Cincinnati that weekend I found out but he came down to visit. I was so happy to see him since it's been a whole week since. I had ordered an "i love my grandpa" onesie to give my dad as a present for Father's day. I'd also ordered "big brother to be" bandanas for our dogs. As for the hubs, I decided I wanted to give him a onesie too, of all the important dates in his life thus far. I figured it wouldn't be out of the ordinary to give him a gift for Father's Day since I already do with him being a great pet parent.

The Friday before Father's day, we were on our way to drive up to Michigan. I decided to tell him before we took off. I gave him his present and he didn't get it. The dogs were wearing their bandanas and he didn't really pay attention to it. When he opened his present he still didn't have a clue. He thought the onesie was for Charlie. He opened the card and still didn't understand. He saw the pregnancy tests and that's when he was like "no way". He still didn't believe me. haha. After he finally realized that it was real, I could tell by the look on his face, (the same one he had when he asked me to marry him and when we were saying our 'I do's') it lit up. He was so happy!! I'm glad I got it recorded.

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